[100% Free] FEMA Test Answers

I took and passed all of these independent study courses myself.

Yearly FEMA exams

These courses currently have a “calendar-year” extension to allow FEMA staff to retake the course as a recurring requirement.

Course CodeDescription
IS 18.24FEMA EEO Employee Course 2024
IS 19.24FEMA EEO Supervisor Course 2024
IS 20.24Diversity Awareness Course 2024
IS 21.24Civil Rights and FEMA Disaster Assistance
IS 35.24FEMA Safety Orientation 2024
IS 37.24Managerial Safety and Health
IS 107.24FEMA Travel and Rules Regulations 2024
IS 246.24Implementing the Federal Priorities and Allocation System (FPAS)

Popular FEMA courses

Course CodeDescription
IS 5.AHazardous Materials, An Introduction
IS 10.AAnimals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness
IS 100.CIncident Command System (ICS), An Introduction
IS 200.CIncident Command System (ICS), Initial Response Basics
IS 120.CExercises, An Introduction
IS 230.EFundamentals of Emergency Management
IS 235.CEmergency Planning
IS 244.BDeveloping and Managing Volunteers
IS 363Emergency Management for Higher Education, An Introduction
IS 700.BNational Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction
IS 909Community Preparedness: Implementing Simple Activities

Security Awareness Courses

Course CodeDescription
IS 904Active Shooter Prevention: You Can Make a Difference
IS 906Workplace Security Awareness
IS 907Active Shooter: What You Can Do
IS 912Retail Security Awareness: Understanding the Hiden Hazards
IS 914Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do
IS 915Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats
IS 916Critical Infrastructure Security: Theft and Diversion – What You Can Do

Foundational Courses

Course CodeDescription
IS 29.APublic Information Officer Awareness
IS 75Military Resources in Emergency Management
IS 242.CEffective Communication
IS 253.BFEMA’s Environmental and Historic Preservation Review
IS 317.ACommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT), An Introduction
IS 800.DNational Response Framework, An Introduction
IS 2200Basic Emergency Operations Center Functions
IS 2901Community Lifelines, An Introduction